Tarot Myths

Tarot is arguably the most popular spiritual & divination tool used today. Its reputation precedes it; being thought of as everything from a means of self exploration to works of the devil and something to steer clear of. As spirituality and tarot soar in popularity and interest, a new reader or someone thinking about learning to read tarot may run into many, varying beliefs surrounding tarot. Without further ado, let’s jump right in and explore some of the most widely used Tarot Myths.

Tarot Myth #1

Tarot is the Devil’s work and is inherently bad news

This is one of the funnier myths in my opinion – I think it’s because of the sheer vigor with which this myth is expressed. I remember posting a reading video that dealt with self-love and gratitude. It was a beautiful, inspiring reading that was meant to give a boost to anyone who might see it. Shortly after posting this reading, I was told by one such believer of this myth that I was doing the “Devil’s Work” and that “Only God can tell the future.” …Huh??

I’d like to think that those who believe this and make it their mission to express this belief to me in their often overly judgmental tones and buck-eyed stares, actually mean well. It’s what many were taught to believe. These types are often taught not to question those beliefs. So, they can’t help it, bless their hearts.

The myth, however, comes from a place of ignorance, indoctrination and fear. Tarot itself is a deck of cards – it is neither good nor evil. The user and their intention give tarot its power. The power that tarot taps into has much more to do with self than it does with any outside influence.

Does this mean that all tarot readers use tarot strictly for love and light? No. But is it the Devil’s work? No. Can you access the spirit realm with tarot? Yes. “HA! Well surely, that makes it evil…..” Nope. Pump your breaks. The spirit realm doesn’t equate to evil.

Its use can range from asking the ubiquitous love and relationship questions to deeper questions about Soul’s purpose and personal guidance. Like anything, people decide how a tool is used. This doesn’t mean the tool itself is good or evil. Everything is a matter or intention.

Tarot Myth #2

Someone must gift you a tarot deck before you can learn to read tarot

Guess again, friends! This myth has been going around for YEARS and YEARS and for newbies who hear this myth, it can be kind of confusing. I remember reading somewhere where this was the tradition of a certain sect of gypsies. I don’t know how true this is, but if that’s the case, that’s certainly their right and their business.

For the average Joe and Josephine, it holds no truth. Nothing will happen to you if you buy your own tarot deck; and I’d argue, you’re better off buying your first deck than being gifted one. That way you can choose one that best suits you.

If you’re like most people who don’t know anyone personally who reads tarot, waiting to be gifted could take a lifetime. Don’t wait on someone to give you a tarot deck, buy your own deck sis!

There are so many decks on the market to choose from; decks that cover almost every interest group imaginable. If you’re interested in learning tarot, do some research and find a deck that you like and that resonates with you. You have the right to do so; exercise it!

Tarot Myth #3

You have to be [insert specific kind of person] to learn tarot

Anyone can learn to read tarot. You don’t have to be initiated in any specific practices, a high priestess from the land of Oz or anything special to learn tarot. HOWEVER, the more open and intuitive a person is, the easier it is to read and connect to.

Tarot Myth #4

Tarot Readers should NOT charge for their readings…

Um….hate to break it to ya…they (we) absolutely should. For starters, reading tarot for others is an immensely draining activity. I remember when I first started reading for other people, I took maybe 2 readings in one day and after I was done, I dropped off and slept well into the next day – and that was done for free.

Like any service provider, a reader should be paid; if for no other reason, as an act of energy exchange. If you’re a reader who is uncomfortable taking money for your readings, that’s ok. Just make sure some sort of exchange is present, be it reviews, a trade or money.

Now, are there scammers amongst the Tarot community that will take you for a financial ride? Sure, just like there are unethical lawyers, doctors, nail techs, beauticians, clergymen, and people in almost any field imaginable. Be sure to do your due diligence when picking a reader. Ask plenty of questions and if you feel uncomfortable, move on.

Tarot Myth #5

There are specific rules you must follow while reading tarot

Nope again! There is no right or wrong way to read tarot. What’s right for me, may be wrong for you and vice versa. For instance, I don’t do third party readings (readings for someone not present, without their permission). In my practice, it’s a bit unethical and I have my own set of reasons why this is. There are people who don’t see it that way and read for whomever they want. Like the great Tabitha Brown would say, that’s their business.

With its ever-increasing popularity, there’s sure to be plenty of people with plenty of opinions on what should or shouldn’t be done with tarot. Just know that there are no rights or wrongs. If you’re interested in reading tarot, go for it! Decide what works best for you and have fun exploring the possibilities.

What myths have you heard about tarot? Let me know in the comments below.

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