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Tarot Myths

By |2022-07-30T02:17:45-05:00March 8th, 2022|Tarot Talk|

Tarot is arguably the most popular spiritual & divination tool used today. Its reputation precedes it; being thought of as everything from a means of self exploration to works of the devil and something to steer clear of. As spirituality and tarot soar in popularity and interest, a new reader or someone thinking about learning to read tarot [...]

Comparing Ourselves to Others

By |2021-09-01T00:47:06-05:00May 11th, 2020|Blog|

Comparing Ourselves to Others Over the past few years, I've fantasized about creating my own Tarot Deck. Why Tarot? Well, that's a story for another time. Short answer: I love it! I've read for people all over the world - and dare I say, I'm damn good at it. One day, I decided to go for [...]


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