Cosmic Gateways Tarot

A 78-card beautifully illustrated, Afro-Futuristic Tarot Deck designed by Artist Brittany Lewis-Moore.

Why this project was created:

The Cosmic Gateways Tarot deck takes a bold step to help fill the void in lack of representation in spiritual imagery. The desire to have tarot decks filled with images that represent beautifully diverse African Diaspora inspired this project. As a tarot reader, Creator B. Lewis-Moore has worked diligently to create a deck that is inclusive and authentic to her spiritual experience.

Creating with intention

The Cosmic Gateways Tarot loosely follows the Rider Waite Smith system. This deck feels magical. The overall theme will help the user or reading recipient navigate their own spiritual journey. You can use this deck in a myriad of ways, exploring infinite possibilities. It is an effective tool for facilitating spiritual growth by helping you to work through your personal obstacles, guiding you through each of the Cosmic Gateways.

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