3 Super Effective Ways to Find Inspiration

thru Quarantine, Chaos and Madness

The year 2020 has been one for the History books – and we’re only half way through it. From constant news of a Global health crisis to racial injustices and the explosive response of the people. With all the events that have happened over the past few months, it can feel difficult, if not impossible, to focus on oneself in a creative, productive and positive manner.

Never fear my dears, here are my top 3 super effective ways to find inspiration (and a ray of sunshine) through all of the quarantine, chaos and madness – tried and true:

1. Unplug

Allow yourself time to unplug and step away from it all

In the age of information, when something happens we are completely inundated with that the news of whatever that thing is – and it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s on the television, it’s on the radio, it’s on the loud speaker at the grocery store, and on social media. It can quickly become overwhelming, affecting you entire being.

An easy way to combat this is to unplug.

“But wait Britt, what are we talking about here? I can’t just shut everything down – I’ll miss what’s going on!” Slow down cowboys & girls.

Take a moment each day to turn it all off – if for only 30 minutes a day. The longer the better in my humble opinion. It’s like fasting for the mind. You’re giving your mind (and emotions) a break and an opportunity to reset – AND it’ll open you up to new ideas and in turn provide inspiration and new solutions to any problem or concern you may have.

Unplugging doesn’t mean being unaware, uninvolved or tone deaf. It’s totally okay to get involved, speak out and raise hell – but be sure you’re in the best mental and emotional state to do so. Take some time to unplug friends – you won’t regret it.

2. Find what makes you smile

Tune into the things that bring you joy

What puts a smile on your face?

Find the things in your life that ignite a spark of joy and make the choice to focus on that.

3. Go Outside

Get back to nature, step outside and get some fresh air.

I know, I know, covid and all – go outside, feel the sun on your skin and breathe in fresh air. Take a walk in the park or in your own back yard – barefoot if you’re into it. Sit outside on the patio, front porch or on a deck if you have one and just – be.

Nature produces a substance called negative ions. Despite its name, it has positive effects on the body and overall produces good vibes. Get enough of these negative ions and observe how creative and inspired you feel.

In the end, to find inspiration thru ALL the things happening around us, take time to take care of your own well being. In doing so, you open yourself up to new ideas and are effectively taking control of your own energy in order to better serve others. These are my go-to methods of finding inspiration when things begin to feel a bit overwhelming. I hope you find them useful. Feel free to remix them in whatever way suits you.