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2021 Book Cover Design and Layout Mods

Book Cover Design | Interior Layout Modifications | Authored

“What the *Bleep* Are Shadows…?!” is a self help book written, designed and published by BLewisArts LLC. It is formatted and sold in both print and eBook and walks the reader through the process of healing themselves through what is known as “Shadow Work.”


Book Cover Design | Interior Layouts


Brittany Lewis 2021

Excellent book. I purchased two one for my self and one for my 12 years old granddaughter. The day she received it she started reading and writing about the things she needed help with. I have been working on myself and this book was an excellent way to guide me through the process.


I’ve loved reading the book and learning new things. I would recommend reading this book to everyone. I can’t wait to read more from her.


Fantastic book on shadow work. I hear so many people talk about shadow work but they never really explain what it is or how to do it. But this books explains both very well. And it’s easy to read and follow along. With a step by step process of how to identify shadows, triggers and how to heal them. This book will be a continue go to of mine.


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