“…You may have heard this term [Shadow Work] thrown around in the recent uptick of spiritual awakening that many have been experiencing. It’s much more than a buzzword or catch phrase. Shadow work is a wildly effective way of recognizing and clearing blockages caused by past negative experiences and old outmoded thinking…”

What the *Bleep* Are Shadows and Why Should I work With Them?!” Is a 61-page comprehensive digital eBook guide to the Art of Shadow Work.

This beautifully designed and easy to read guide features:

  • ✨ How-to instructions to identify your Shadows
  • ✨ Steps to heal and transform your Shadows
  • ✨ Tools and Tricks to make the process easier
  • ✨ And so much more!

This book will simplify the process making shadow work completely accessible. “What the *Bleep* Are Shadows..?!” will gently guide you, helping you through this beautiful journey.